It's beautiful but what is it? 👀✨

Krapulle is handmade sex toys in France

Cast with the best materials available for fun that is as safe as it is colorful.

Each model has been designed to offer you incomparable sensations!

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Each Krapulle is unique, like you ✨💎

During the manufacturing of our sex toys, the encapsulated pigments are deposited in random layers inside the dildo. Each Krapulle that is up for adoption has a unique mineral profile.

Our sex toys are composed exclusively of biocompatible silicone and natural cosmetic pigments. All stages of production and design are carried out by hand in France.

Will you let yourself be tempted by French pleasure?

Choosing an artisanal sex toy made in France means:

  • Choose a local company

    Krapulle embodies both excellence and French singularity.
    All of our sex toys comply with the ISO 3533 standard.
  • Choose a quality toy

    A healthy composition and a durable toy over time for uncompromising enjoyment.
    We take care of your pleasure and your well-being!
  • Appreciate attention to detail

    Each toy is made by hand with love and attention in our workshop.
    Adopting a krapulle means bringing desire and craftsmanship to life!
  • Make an eco-responsible choice

    We favor European suppliers and choose packaging made from recycled materials.
    Krapulle is committed to setting your nights on fire, not the planet.

Our range of high-end French sex toys:

Krapulle les sex-toys fait en France

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