Care of our sex toys

Before your first use, be sure to wash your new Krapulle thoroughly with soap and lukewarm water.

Use your Krapulles with water-based lubricants or with organic extra-virgin coconut oil (be careful to wash them well with hot water if you use this means of lubrication).

Cleaning: after each use , clean your Krapulle thoroughly with soap and lukewarm water. Then dry it before storing it.

If the size of the toy allows it, you can occasionally sterilize it by immersing it in boiling water for 10 minutes.

You can store your Krapulles next to each other. There is no risk of them melting or migrating. Be careful, however, not to store them with sex toys from other brands.

Keep sharp, abrasive or piercing objects away , as these could irreparably damage the sex toy and render it unusable. Do not use the sex toy if it has a cut or tear.