About Krapulle

A French brand

Our models are designed and produced in our workshop in France. By mastering all stages of design and supply, we are able to offer you sex toys that are as safe as they are colorful.

Each Krapulle is produced, packaged and shipped by us.

Our dildos are handmade in our workshop. We design our models and molds from A to Z.

Each sex toy is handcrafted with expertise.

Due to their manufacturing processes, each Krapulle is unique in the mineral patterns that streak its surface.

A healthy composition for uncompromising enjoyment.

Our sex toys meet the ISO 3533 standard relating to the design and safety of silicone sex toys.

Our dildos are made exclusively from top quality materials.

Namely 99% non-porous biocompatible silicone , without bisphenol-A and without phthalates and 1% natural cosmetic pigments .

We take care of your well-being!


Krapulle is committed to setting your nights on fire, not the planet.

We have chosen to seek to work with mainly European suppliers who produce and distribute as close as possible to the workshop. We continually try to improve the proximity of our supply and limit the environmental impact of our work.

In an eco-responsible approach:

The manual manufacturing of our sex toys guarantees them a low energy cost.

We also use packaging made from recycled materials.

Krapulle's biggest impact is on your enjoyment, not the environment.

And the humans behind it all?

(Real little zozos)

Behind Krapulle, there is a tireless and crazy duo, David and Darius who have chosen to share through their sex toys, their fun and uninhibited vision of a life on the wrong side. Always smiling, sporty and adventurers at heart, if you've ever met them, you definitely remember them!