What materials are used to make your sex toys?

Our sex toys meet the ISO 3533:2021 standard relating to the design, composition and safety of silicone sex toys.

Our dildos are composed exclusively of 99% biocompatible platinum-catalyzed silicone, non-porous, bisphenol-A and phthalate-free and 1% natural cosmetic pigments .

What is the ISO 3533:2021 standard that Krapulles meet?

ISO 3533:2021 defines requirements for the design, composition, information provided and safety of products intended to come into direct contact with the genitals, anus or both.

Our sex toys meet the ISO 3533:2021 standard to ensure safe pleasure.

How hard are your sex toys?

Our sex toys are made with silicone with a hardness between shore 8 and shore 11 . However, we can make softer sex toys upon simple request via our contact form.

What lubricant should I use with my Krapulle?

You can use your Krapulle with water-based lubricant or with organic extra-virgin coconut oil. Using oils will force you to clean it more conscientiously. We offer a natural water-based lubricant on the site. Click here for more information

How do I clean my Krapulle?

After each use, clean your Krapulle thoroughly with soap and lukewarm water. Then dry it before storing it. If the size of the toy allows it, you can occasionally sterilize it by immersing it in boiling water for 10 minutes.

How do I store my Krapulle?

You can store your Krapulles, once cleaned and dried, next to each other, preferably protected from dust. There is no risk of them melting or migrating. Be careful, however , not to store them with sex toys from other brands.

Is my Krapulle compatible with a harness?

The unicorn is compatible with most harnesses.

In which physical stores can you find Krapulles?

Find our Krapulles at the following addresses:

- Unbuttoned Strasbourg: 5 Rue du Marché, 67000 Strasbourg

- Unbuttoned Nancy: 28 Rue St Nicolas, 54000 Nancy

- La Clef Des Charmes Toulouse: 28 Rue des Blanchers, 31000 Toulouse

- Oh! Darling Angers
20 Bd du Doyenné, 49100 Angers

-Oh! Darling Cesson-Sévigné / Rennes
5 Allée de Bray
35510 Cesson-Sévigné

- Oh! Darling Trignac / Saint Nazaire
2 Avenue Barbara
44570 Trignac

-Oh! Darling Carquefou / Nantes
14 Rue de l’Hôtellerie
44470 Carquefou

- Sexy Center Quint-Fonsegrives / Toulouse
9, ZA de Ribaute

- Sexy Center Mérignac / Bordeaux
1 Rue Paul Deplante

- Sexy Center Bassussarry / Biarritz / Bayonne
Golf ZAC, Impasse de la Vigne
Bayonne South

Order and payment

What payment methods can I use?

You can pay for your orders by bank cards such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express via our Stripe payment module or Apple Pay and Paypal .

I have not received any order confirmation email, how do I know if my purchase has been taken into account?

The confirmation email may be in your spam folder or in the promotion tab of G-mail. If necessary, we invite you to contact us at contact@krapulle.com

Return and delivery

Which countries do you deliver to?

We currently deliver:

  • In mainland France outside the French Overseas Territories and Corsica
  • In Europe, United Kingdom and Switzerland
  • In the United States and Canada.

If you would like delivery to a country not listed or if the site does not allow delivery to your home, do not hesitate to contact us via the contact form.

What are your delivery times?

Our sex toys are produced to order. The manufacturing time for an order is between 1 and 5 days. Delivery times in mainland France are generally 2 days.

Generally on sizes S we manage to ship the products the day after the order.

What are the delivery prices?

In France :

  • Free delivery Point Relais from 29€ of purchase
  • Free home delivery

Abroad :

  • €9.99 in Europe.
  • €19.99 euros in the United States and Canada.

Free delivery costs from 149 euros of order.

Can I return my sex toy to you if it does not suit me?

No, we do not accept any returns for hygiene reasons. The right of withdrawal does not apply to sex toys ( See here ) .

Other questions

How to contact you?

You can contact us via our contact form.

Or by email via the address contact@Krapulle.com

Can not find the answer to your question ?

Do not hesitate to contact us via the form below.